Kylie Birthday Edition Lipstick Mini Gift sets 6pcs

Kylie Birthday Edition Lipstick Mini Gift sets 6pcs

Model No.︰FS085

Brand Name︰FS

Country of Origin︰France

Unit Price︰US $ 4 / pc

Minimum Order︰12 pc

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Product Description

Kylie Birthday Edition Lipstick Mini Gift sets 6pcs


Product Description

 Brand Name: Kylie Birthday Edition Lipstick Mini Gift sets 6pcs

 Belong To: lipstick

 Net Weight: 6pcs 

 Colors: 8-12 colors

 Feature: Waterproof, Moisturizer,long lasting , Natural.


[About Lipstick] 
Lipstick heated above will appear after many small beads of sweat, which is normal. And because the lipstick, lipstick are wax products, hot summer melt easily softened, plus a way to shock, to make the vulnerable more vulnerable lipstick, lip balm suggest that you get after the first not to dismantle immediately cards, first put after parking the fridge for 1-2 hours and then opened with.

If summer, lipstick fracture how to do?  First with a hair dryer to heat the remaining lipstick, and then breaking two segments lipstick firmly stick tight, then clean out the remnants of lipstick on the wall, put lipstick into the freezer for 1-2 hours after taken out is a complete lipstick!

PS: To lipstick and age, clothing, face, personality to match. Middle-aged woman with dark to show steady. Young woman with a lively display light. Light-colored, with bright makeup with a time when the makeup. Go to the party applications red paste, painted wearing a dark suit for the solemn, wearing Huaqun, when a light-colored coat dress, the style just seemed coordinated. Usually used to work near the lips red lipstick color, more natural painted after. Lipstick soon fall off, fade, how will the lipstick fixed, enduring it?


Lipstick Use: lip balm should first point, by the way, point powder, lip lip look, apply lipstick, lip color will seem so full and rich luster. To lipstick lasting, smear, sip a Minzui, or lip makeup by sheets of paper, and then puff or cotton swab moistened with transparent foundation, gently press a few times, so that the foundation penetration to fix lipstick.


1.It makes your lips smooth, comfort and charming.

2.More detailed and uniformcolor, and paste lightweight clothing lips and endure

3.Various fashionable colors

4.Logo can be your own logo or designed by our company

5.The package we can provide for customers' requirements.

6.Fast delivery and high quality with best price.

Cosmetic Lipstick locks water and have good colors. It applies for four seasons.


Professional Cosmetics Manufacture

1. Color, quality, packaging as well as packing can be customized as per customer's requirements.

2. Your own logo can be printed.

3. A whole cosmetics line with high quality.

4. Main market : Middle East, Russian Federation, Asia, Africa.


Competitive Advantage:

1.Excellent quality and competitive price

 2.Sufficient supply and prompt delivery

3.Long lasting and water proof

4.Many colors are available

5.Ladies' favor


PS: OEM and ODM services are always available.

Payment Terms︰ Western union, Money Gram , Bank Transfer

Packing︰ 12pcs one dozen box,

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